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How it works

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 1. Meaning of the Service 

FREE! Talent has been built as a meeting place for customers and the self-employed. Efforts have been made to make the use of talent as effortless as possible. If you notice a bug, a deficiency or want to suggest an addition, feel free to let us know! The service is developed exactly according to your needs!

How to register:

2. How to: Look up and contact for service provider

FREE! Talent makes it ridiculously easy to find services. For example, you can use the service name, location, keywords or price as search criteria. Once you find an interesting seller, you can contact him by pressing the "Send Inquire" button. In the inquiry form, you can suggest to the seller the time and date of completion of the work and ask him for more information. After sending the inquiry, a chat window will open between you, through which you can chat in real time and agree on more detailed information. Once the seller has received sufficient information he will send you an offer. You can still accept, reject or suggest a change to the offer at this time. After accepting the offer, you will receive the seller's phone number and e-mail address.

You can give feedback on the seller after completing the gig. This will help the seller gain reliability and develop their own service.

3. Service providers are self-employed

(Registered as a FREE! Light entrepreneur is also insured against accidents and liability)

At FREE! Talent, services can be sold by anyone. However, service vendors, i.e. service providers, operate as self-employed or light entrepreneurs. Service providers bill the customer through their own company. Individuals can bill a customer using billing services such as FREE! Light Entrepreneurship. Using invoicing services is a good option for the buyer, because then there will be no employment relationship between the seller and the buyer, but the customer will receive an invoice from the entrepreneur.

If the service provider has registered as a FREE! Light Entrepreneur, he or she is also automatically insured against accidents and liability, i.e. you can order him or her at your home, for example, without any worries.

4. How to: Make a new sales listing

Making a sales listing to FREE! Talent is very effortless, and it usually doesn’t take a quarter longer. If you already have price lists and introductory texts ready, you can make a sales announcement in minutes. Our customer service will be happy to help you in real-time chat with questions related to pricing or using the service.

5. Invoicing your client

The service provider, i.e. the submitter of the sales note, invoices the customer independently. Remember that in order to invoice, you must have your own Business ID, or you can use a light entrepreneurship service with which you can easily create and send an invoice to a customer.

6. The service is FREE to use

Note: No start-up, monthly, or commission fees.

6. Our customer service serves 9-20 chats

Whether you have questions about FREE! Talent’s operations, billing, an interesting seller, submitting an offer, or whatever, feel free to contact our customer service - we’re here for you. We serve you in real time via live chat. Outside of customer service hours you can leave a message in the chat section and we will get back to you in the very next morning via email.