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The privacy statement is based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which provides EU citizens with the right to data protection and the confidentiality of their personal data.


Name: Free-Talent Oy
Business ID: 2908044-6
Address: Perhonkatu 6
00100 Helsinki


Mikko Asplund


Free-Talent Marketing and Customer Register:

We process the personal data of our customers and potential customers in the register.



The service is an online service for businesses and individuals that requires users to register. Personal information is collected from users in order to ensure reliable communication between users. Communication can take place between the administrators of the service and the user and directly between the users.

The personal data stored in the register is used in accordance with the Personal Data Act for the purpose of implementing and developing the service, for handling contacts and feedback, for payment control, for statistical purposes and for other purposes. The information collected in the registry is also used for customer relationship management, customer communication, and providing Free-Talent services and improving the user experience. The goal is to target the messages so that the user gets the right communication. In addition, the information is used for marketing purposes. Third Party may be used by Skilled Marketplace Ltd (the provider of the Free-Talent Service) to carry out the Service.

Our processing basis is a legitimate interest in marketing (GDPR 2016/679, Article 6 (F)) and in Customer Relationship Management (GDPR 2016/679, Article 6 (B)). We will also send you, by your consent, electronic direct marketing messages (GDPR 2016/679, Art. 6 (A)).

Personal data shall be processed for the purposes of electronic direct marketing only with the express consent of the data subject. Withdrawal of consent is provided with each marketing message and can also be canceled by contacting Free-Talent Customer Service.


The Register may include name, telephone, email, address and other information left by the Registrant.

The following information on the data subject may be stored in the register:

Person's name and email address
Company name, contact information
Usernames and other credentials
A self-written description of the user
Photos posted by the user
Online behavioral information on Free-Talent's websites and services, such as user-posted messages, offers and
User statistics about your use of the service
Ratings and awards received and awarded by the user
Customer relationship management and communication information
Contract-related information, such as purchased products and services
Any other information collected with the Customer's express consent
Marketing and promotional information such as marketing activities and participation for the data subject (eg webinars, competitions and newsletters).

The personal information is provided by the user himself / herself, either at the time of registration or later when using the service. If a user logs in via Facebook, their public profile information may be used.


The collection of names and other contact information is based on a customer relationship or other relationship with the Free-Talent Service. Information is collected at the time of contract conclusion, product trial registration, or when Customer uses Free-Talent Services.


Information will not be disclosed to any third party for marketing purposes.

Free-Talent's own services are produced on servers located in Europe. Service providers who may have access to personal data outside the EU / EEA, such as the United States, may be used to process personal data. Free-Talent will ensure that the transfers are properly and lawfully executed in accordance with personal data processing law.

In all cases personal data will be transferred outside the EU / EEA only for one of the following legitimate purposes:

The European Commission has decided that an adequate level of data protection is ensured in the recipient country
we have taken appropriate safeguards to transfer your personal data using standard data protection clauses approved by the European Commission. You are then entitled to obtain a copy of these standard terms by contacting us; or
you have given your explicit consent to the transfer of your personal data, or there is another legitimate reason to transfer your personal data outside the EU / EEA, such as the Privacy Shield approved by the European Commission for the United States.
Free-Talent may share information with its users in situations where the Company and / or the service it provides and / or part of the service it provides is sold and / or merged with another company. In this case, the user data will never be processed for any purpose other than to enable the operation of any databases in different environments


Free-Talent respects the confidentiality of personal information. The registry is stored in databases protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means and accessible only to persons authorized by Free-Talent.

Obsolete and redundant data will be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Personal data will only be kept for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the personal data are defined in this privacy statement. Due to obligations under the Accounting Act or other applicable law, data may have to be retained for a longer period than the aforementioned period.


The data subject has the right of inspection, rectification and prohibition under the Data Protection Regulation.

The data subject is entitled to check the personal data contained in the personal data file.

Registration information is verified by submitting a signed and dated verification request to Free-Talent Customer Service. The request for verification must be accompanied by a copy of the official identity document.

If the Registrant discovers that his or her information is inaccurate or incomplete or that it has been processed in violation of the purpose of the Register or applicable law, he or she shall have the right to seek correction, prevention, restriction or deletion of any inaccurate information in the Register. At the request of the data subject, Free-Talent will make the necessary corrections.

The data subject shall have the right to prohibit the controller from processing personal data relating to him / her for direct marketing, distance selling and other direct marketing, market and opinion polling, as well as for personal data and genealogy.

If the Registrant discovers that his / her rights under the EU Data Protection Regulation have been violated, he / she has the right to complain to the supervisory authorities.


The register does not contain physical material. With regard to electronic material, various levels of technical and application solutions are used to combat malicious and intrusive attempts. Such solutions include the use of SSL encryption, firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Persons who have access to the registry database in the course of their duties shall be identified by user names and passwords which are personal. The equipment associated with the registry shall be kept in locked and supervised premises. The databases are backed up monthly.


Free-Talent uses cookies to improve the user experience.

A cookie is a text file that is stored on a user's computer when visiting a web page. The information contained therein is used, among other things, to facilitate the use of the website. Cookies are used to collect information about your use of the site. The identity of the user is not revealed by cookies. If you want to avoid using cookies, you can configure your browser so that cookies are not downloaded to your computer. However, this may affect the functionality of the site.


The service may use an algorithmic recommendation feature that may influence decision making. The final decision on the right employee is always made by the service buyer.

For example, we can suggest to the buyer who are highly rated employees in the area.



The Controller is constantly developing its activities and reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Legislation may also change, so you should consult the contents of this Privacy Statement at regular intervals.