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Terms of use

Free-Talent terms of use

1 Common

1.1 Access to the Free-Talent Service is restricted to an individual or company (“User”) who is registered in the Service and who is approved to do so.

1.2 You may be looking for a buyer of a work or service (the "Author") or a person seeking a work or service (the "Customer").

1.3 The Free-Talent Service, including any ancillary Services (the "Service"), is an electronic marketplace where the Subscriber may purchase the services or services listed in the Service from the Author (the "Task").

1.4 Each User is bound by the applicable terms of use of the Service and other written instructions ("Terms") of the Service Provider.

2. Access to the Service

2.1 When registering, the user must provide the registration information required by the system in a truthful and correct manner and must keep his or her updated information up to date. The natural person registering for the service must be at least 15 years old. Impersonating another person may become a criminal offense.

2.2 Upon registration, the user will receive a user-specific profile and username. However, the Intermediary shall have the right not to grant access at this time.

2.3 The Intermediary shall treat the personal data of the Registered Users confidentially and in accordance with the privacy legislation.

2.4 The User's personal and contact details may be communicated to the User's contractual partner after the conclusion of the Assignment Agreement.

2.5 Each User may have only one profile and username, unless otherwise expressly approved by the Agent. You do not have the right to transfer access to the Service to a third party.

2.6 The username and password are user-specific and may not be disclosed to a third party. You are responsible for all use of the Service by your username. In the event that a password or username becomes known to a third party, the User shall monitor the use of his / her accounts and notify the Agent immediately if the accounts have been misused.

2.7 The Service is copyrighted and may also contain material protected by other intellectual property rights. You may not distribute, publish, copy, make available to the public or otherwise commercially exploit the protected material without the written permission of the Intermediary.

2.8 The Intermediary shall have the right to terminate the User ID without warning if the User is suspected of violating these Terms, the law or good practice, or if the User has not logged in to the Service for twelve (12) months.

3. Use of the Service

3.1 The Service may only offer Tasks that are in accordance with the law and good practice. The Intermediary is not obligated to monitor the Tasks offered, but the Intermediary is free to limit or deny the Tasks acceptable to the Service without liability.

3.2 You may not use the Service in a manner that is harmful or offensive to other users of the Service, to the Intermediary or to third parties. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary copyrights and other rights to the material you place in the Service.

3.3 The User grants to the Distributor full access and editing rights to the content stored by the User on the Service, except for personal data, contact information, account information or other privacy-protected information.

3.4 The User shall endeavor to describe the Task reported to the Service in a truthful and sufficiently detailed manner. The User is responsible for ensuring that he / she has the right and sufficient ability to discharge his / her responsibilities in connection with the Task in accordance with the terms and conditions that he / she has agreed to.

3.5 Until the order is placed, the Author shall not disclose other contact details to the Subscriber, and the Author shall communicate only with the potential Subscriber through the platform included in the Service. The Author shall not direct the Subscriber to send an e-mail, call or visit the Author's homepage before the order is approved. The Intermediary shall have the right to monitor the communication between the Author and the Subscriber on the platform.

3.6 Acceptance of a Task through the Service constitutes a contractual relationship between the Author and the Subscriber for the performance of the Task for consideration, to which the Intermediary is not a party.

3.7 The price and other terms of the contract shall be determined by the parties to the contractual relationship, who shall be responsible for the validity and legality of the contract. Upon acceptance of the Task by both parties, the Author is obligated to personally perform the Task for the Client.

3.8 If the Author is a natural person, acceptance of the Assignment will, as a rule, result in an employment relationship between the Author and the Employer within the meaning of the Employment Contracts Act. The Employer, who is an employer, has the right and the duty to direct and supervise the work of the Author and the duty to take care of the legal obligations of the employer.

For the sake of clarity, it is noted that:

At no time shall the Intermediary act as the Employer of the Author, but solely as an intermediary in the performance of the Assignment.

3.10 Contracts made through the Service are always for a fixed term and will last for the duration of the Task agreed upon in the Service.

3.11 After the completion of the Order, the Customer shall pay the Author the price of the Order.

3.12 Users agree that the Merchant will charge the Author for a service fee in accordance with its valid price list.

3.13 Once the Mission has been completed and the reward has been paid, the User should evaluate his contract partner and experience according to the feedback system included in the service. Evaluations should be made as honestly as possible, but should always be objective and non-violent.

3.14 Users should agree on any disagreements they may have concerning the task. Recurring problems should be reported to the Service Administrators in order to address the issue.

4. Limitation of the liability of the intermediary

4.1 Although the Service is, in principle, available at all times, the Intermediary shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to temporarily disable the Service or any part thereof for maintenance, installation, alteration, overload or similar reasons.

4.2 The Intermediary does not make any warranties or representations regarding the operation or features of the Service or its interruption, nor is it liable for damages in connection with the Service or its use, information or communications made available through the Service. The Intermediary shall not be liable for any damages to the user or third parties resulting from the use of the Service or malfunctions, technical failures, malicious software, links or breaks in the Service.

4.3 Except for the content provided by the Intermediary itself, the Intermediary shall not be liable for the accuracy of the content stated in the Service. The broker is not responsible for eg. The accuracy of the User Identity or other information, the accuracy, adequacy or legality of any information regarding the Tasks, or the accuracy of any other information provided or action taken by the User.

4.4 You use the Service at your own risk. The Intermediary shall not be liable for the reliability of the Users or their actions or omissions in relation to the Task agreed through the Service, payment, accidents, quality or delay of work or personal, property or property damage, or any other harm or injustice that

4.5 The Intermediary shall not be liable for any statutory obligations of the employer, the payer or the remuneration agent or the intermediary, contractor or intermediary of the employer, except to the extent expressly stated in the Terms and Conditions of Service. For the sake of clarity, it is also stated that the Intermediary does not have any advisory, consultative or supervisory responsibility to the Users with respect to the above obligations.

4.6 The maximum limit for any Indemnification Obligation of the Intermediary shall be the amount of the remuneration paid to the Intermediary for the performance of the given Mission.

5. Other Terms

5.1 The agreement between the User and the Intermediary shall take effect upon the Intermediary granting the user access to the Service and the User beginning to use the Service.

5.2 The Intermediary has the right to transfer the agreement concluded with the User in connection with its business.

5.3 By using the Service, the User agrees to the applicable prices and payment terms of the Service, which are currently available to the User on the Service. The Intermediary shall have the right to change the price and payment terms of the Service so that the change will apply to any Contracts for Tasks entered into after the Service is published.

5.4 The Intermediary shall have the right to change the content or the Terms of the Service by notifying the User by e-mail or via the Service. Changes to the Terms do not apply retroactively.

5.5 The Agreement is valid indefinitely. Both parties may terminate the Agreement through the Service without any special reason upon termination of the last Task agreed through the Service.

5.6 Upon termination of the Agreement, the Intermediary or the User shall close the User's account and delete any material deposited by the User from the public data of the Service.

5.7 The Service and these Terms of Use shall be governed by Finnish law. The terms shall not be binding on the consumer insofar as they are likely to diminish the consumer's rights under mandatory law.

5.8 Any disputes between the Intermediary and the User shall, as a matter of priority, be settled amicably through negotiations. If no settlement is reached, the dispute will be settled in the North Karelia District Court.

Henry Klefström, CEO