<3 Lemmikin ulkoilutus / lomahoito / Dog - and Catsitter <3

Hei ja Hallo :)

I am offering to be your pet's company and care taker whenever you have to attend something very urgent or want to go on a vacation. I am experienced with having a dog (Golden Retriever for 14years) and a cat ( for 17 years). Both are sadly not in my company anymore, but the love for cats and dogs and animals remains. Pets are allowed in my 2-room apartment in Roihuvuori, where your pet can stay and get comfy with me, but also there are plently of lovely walking areas for dogs around to go for walks. 

I am 32 from Germany and I work Tuesdays-Fridays as a Professional Cleaner. My schedule is flexible and I can adjust my availability.  Otherwise I work from Home as Freelancer in Content Mangament and Creation and therefore I have plenty of time and care to give :) 

I am open to any kind of suggestions or request for going for walks with your dog or coming to check on your cat, or even to have your dog or cat for several days. 

Ill be happy to hear from you!

Steph :)

Work experience: Worked in field for for 5+ years
Method of billing used by seller: Billing service (e.g. Freekevytyrittäjä.fi)
My company is part of pre-tax registry: Yes
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