German & English Speaking Article writing / Translations

Hey and Hallo!

Do you need help to translate articles or create content for online purposes? Or do you need someone who can write articles for online advertisment or online content? 

If so, I am here to offer my German (native-speaking) and English ( quite fluent I'd say ) writing skills to create the content you need. 

If you are interested, please contact me for further details or previous work I've done to verify my skills. :)

You can always get a sample regarding the work you would have to offer, to see if I'll be a match for you!

Note: The price is also negotiable and depends on the work that has to be done.

Work experience: Worked in field for 1-3 years
Method of billing used by seller: Billing service (e.g. Freekevytyrittäjä.fi)
My company is part of pre-tax registry: Yes
Keywords: Article Writing, Translation Eng-Ger, Content Creation, Artikkelin Kirjoitus, Kääntäminen englanti, saksa, Sisällöntuotanto
Location of service:
Fixed location
At customer's location
Remote service / Online