Same Day, Next Day and Urgent Delivery

Prices start at €5.39
Prices start at €5.90
Prices start at €6.90
  • Leppävaara / Kauniainen
  • €5.39
  • Prices start at €5.39
  • Espoo
  • €5.90
  • Prices start at €5.90
  • Helsinki & Kirkkonummi
  • €6.90
  • Prices start at €6.90

The demand for same day, next day and urgent delivery services is on the rise in Finland. With the increase of covid-19 cases, potential customers are now hesitant to go to the high-street/city to collect goods, browse shops and visit restaurants.

I created Fabio Delivers as a Light Entrepreneur to help connect businesses back with their customers so everyone benefits.

I do not charge any commission or take any percentage of profits. Customers simply pay the delivery fee and that's it! Either directly to you when ordering (and I invoice you just for the delivery fee's on a monthly basis) or they can pay the delivery fee directly through my website.
If you have any questions or queries or would like further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards,

Matthew Tunkelo-Bonner
Work experience: Worked in field for 3-5 years
Method of billing used by seller: Billing service (e.g. Freekevytyrittäjä.fi)
My company is part of pre-tax registry: Yes
Keywords: Same day and Next day delivery
Location of service:
Fixed location
At customer's location
Remote service / Online