Cuddle/Hug/Touch Provider

Prolonged loneliness is a major yet underappreciated determinant of health, placing individuals at greater risk of premature death than obesity, inadequate physical activity, or air pollution. Social connections are “crucial” to human well-being and survival, and isolation is a growing public health hazard. 

Are you lonely or craving for a human touch/warm hug or just a simple human company to listen silently? If you said yes, I am here for you!

I find meaning and joy in helping people in real need. Let's talk :)

Work experience: Done a few gigs
Method of billing used by seller: Billing service (e.g. Freekevytyrittäjä.fi)
My company is part of pre-tax registry: Yes
Keywords: Cuddle, hug, connection, touch, companionship
Location of service:
Fixed location
At customer's location
Remote service / Online