Hi! My name is Jide Lambo and I am a UX Engineer - I have the skills to do everything from research to early-stage design explorations to high-fidelity prototypes and mockups and front-end development. My portfolio: https://jidelambo.com

I have extensive years of experience in designing products in the space of user interface design, user experience research, and front-end development. With a deep understanding of user-centered design, I work with the entire product design cycle, by research user's problems, brainstorming ideas with the team, mockups and Prototype designs (with Sketch, Figma, and InVision), and working closely with Developers to build it.

I can also do the following as a Frontend Developer:
▪️ Implement Prototype (UX) designs as UI features and functionalities
▪️ Plan and design implementation for Multilingual frontend solution

▪️ Develop and maintain good coding practices for better web accessibility

You can also find my work on these social channels too:
▪️ portfolio: https://jidelambo.com
▪️ https://medium.com/@jidelambo
▪️ www.github.com/jidelambo
▪️ www.youtube.com/jidelambo
▪️ www.twitch.com/jidelambo

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