As a designer, partnering with brands and people, I've been active since 2005. As the founder of DesignDiverso, Tancredi not only brings in his work as a designer and marketer but also valuable experience and training opportunities in the field of »people & life«. This wealth of knowledge between design, nature and humanity is unique in the design environment.

My goal is to reconcile the external impact of a brand with the internal impact of the associated company, and vice versa. Inspiring people and brands to finding solutions to their challenges available in nature and applying them to their fields. This promotes the development of a "natural" and authentic identity and attitude. It is then transferred to the company, its products, services, end customers and has a positive impact on society. In 2015, we therefore started to implement the natural design thinking, a concept that I came with back in 2010 into a model that promotes and combines essential values ​​from business, nature and society.

As an experienced cross-functional professional in the areas of marketing, HCI, I've earned about 15 years of professional experience, been working in four different countries, turned start-ups into successful companies. I've been praised and received positive feedback for exceptional organizational skills in managing cross-functional and distributed teams.
Adept at taking multiple roles, responsibilities and making smart decisions without explicit guidance.
Strong in business analysis, with an excellent understanding of main delivery methods.
Innovation and business advocate, single point of contact for partners, stakeholders and clients.
I believe communication is key to greatness and work best where I'm able to have a day in day out conversation with everyone involved in a project.

In 2015 I've set up DesignDiverso™, a creative and technology bio-inspired consultancy helping people and brands finding solutions from nature to their business and personal related challenges.

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